Hestia Share House

Hestia Sharehouse Ichikawa

Ichikawa City, Chiba
〒 272-0031
Telephone: 043-301-2629
Email: info@mysharehouse.com

Hestia Share House

How to Apply From Outside Japan

If you are planning to move to Tokyo, Chiba or nearby areas from abroad, you can arrange your accomodation at Hestia House in advance. Your room can be ready for you to move in on the day you arrive at the airport, saving you the trouble of hotels and real estate agents. We speak English and Japanese, and can help with any questions you might have about settling in Japan.

Contact us at info@mysharehouse.com to get started.

How to Apply From Inside Japan

Step1:Initial Contact

Apply to us by email, fax or phone to arrange a meeting.

Email: info@mysharehouse.com

Step2:Viewing and Consultation

After deciding on a time and date to meet, you may come and visit Hestia House in person, and meet with us to clear up any questions or concerns you may have.
Viewing Times Weekdays 10:00~19:00 Sat/Sun/Public Holidays 10:00~17:00

※If you plan to apply on the day of the meeting, please ensure you bring a photo ID and a copy of that ID (both sides).

Step3:Preparing Documents

When you come to view the house, you will receive an application form。Please return the form and necessary supporting documents to us by fax or mail.

【Necessary Documents】
   Personal Applicants: A copy of your photo ID(Driver's License, Passport, Student ID)
   Corporate Applicants:Corporate Registration Certificate and Tenant's Photo ID

Your application will be processed, and the decision made within 2 working days.

Please Note: The contract will not be valid, and the room will not be reserved, until the initial payment has been completed。

Step4:Signing the Contract and Payment

[In case of Bank Transfer]
Once your application has been approved, we can send you details for bank transfer.
Once payment has been completed, the final steps will take place on the day you move in.

[In case of Cash Payment at our Office]
Once your application has been approved, you can come to our office to pay in cash and complete the process.

Final Steps following either Payment Method

1. Completing and Signing the Contract
2. Checking Emergency Contacts
3. Handing over your Key
4. Explanation of House Rules
5. Explanation of House Facilities

The contract will begin the day you sign the contract.

Step5:Moving In

On the day you move in, we will introduce you to your new housemates.